Creativida is to pass the wisdom about life to the next generation. It focuses on building a network of creative people in different fields, which extends from business, art, sports and education.” We have got a variety of tools to live freely. You no longer have work in an office. You can travel to wherever you want. You can communicate with whomever you like. Schools and media will only tell you what they want you to know, but they will never tell you how to create your own life. I interview great minds around the world, so that I can share the great lessons about life with you. 

Masaaki Hasegawa

Masaaki Hasegawa is an author, consultant, and professional coach.

He is the author of Si Eres Creativo-Técnicas para potenciar tu creatividad-(2015) and Yes Progressive-Acceleration in Creativity-(2014), and author of "New Paradigm of Creativity: From Newtonian Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics and Higher Education" in Handbook of Research on Creative Problem-Solving Skill Development in Higher Education. As a coach, he has coached business elite, musical actor, professional athlete, and a variety of people. 


Jennifer Garcia​

Jennifer Garcia is visual and digital media consultant with foreign language education  experience. 

She is a Miami native turned global citizen with years spent in rural Japan and urban Spain. She loves nothing more than inspiring scenery, new adventures, and witty conversation and aspires to work in the film industry. Find out more on