Creativida is to pass the wisdom about life to the next generation. It focuses on building a network of creative people in different fields, which extends from business, art, sports and education.” We have got a variety of tools to live freely. You no longer have work in an office. You can travel to wherever you want. You can communicate with whomever you like. Schools and media will only tell you what they want you to know, but they will never tell you how to create your own life. I interview great minds around the world, so that I can share the great lessons about life with you. 

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Masaaki Hasegawa

Masaaki is an artist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He has been included in the Thinking Heads “Top 100 Speakers in Spain” and IE Business School "IE Knowledge." He is a business advisor at Erretres Strategic Design Company (No.3 branding agency in the world), a researcher at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, and a global committee member of the Asian Art Association. As an artist, he has made the biggest calligraphy artwork in Europe (1926sq meters) and had over 45 exhibitions. Masaaki used to be a professional MMA fighter and investment strategist at Daiwa Capital Markets in Japan as well. He has authored 4 books on creativity and supervised 1 book on innovation and art.  He has developed a method "Souzou-making your ideas happen."