Alexey Shaburov: From Business World to Art World

Do you think your career would be determined by what you studied in university? Do you think athlete cannot be a great entrepreneur? This guy has proven it is not true.


Alexey Shaburov: Entrepreneur 

Alexy Shaburov is the founder of Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, National School of Calligraphy, International Exhibition of Calligraphy, and National Union of Calligraphers. When he was a student, he was a member of the Dinamo Moscow Youth Judo Team. Drafted into the Army when he was 18 years old, he continued his professional judo practice. In 1998, he started his professional career at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, and became its owner and CEO in 2010. He has established numerous social projects, such as the first exhibition in the stratosphere; an expedition to the North Pole; and so on.

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-----For those who are not familiar with you, please let us know more about your background. What did you want to become when you were a teenager?


I was born in a small town called Ivanteyevka located in the outskirts of Moscow. Ever since I was very young I dreamt of a military career. I always believed that military men should be strong and athletic, so I asked my parents to enroll me in a judo class. I was very lucky to get great instructors who were Honored Masters of Sports, Ivan Melnikov one of them.



-----You have rich experience in different fields such as Judo, army, and business. How do those different fields generate a synergy or how do you integrate them?


Whenever the time comes to choose a new field of activity I always focus on self-development and finding a new way of understanding myself.



-----What is the most important thing that you have learned in your career as a CEO/owner of business?


As a business owner, I learned the importance of understanding human resources and how to manage people effectively.

What was your motivation to establish the school and the museum?


The idea to establish a calligraphy museum was quite spontaneous. I happened to run across an article about calligraphy in a flight magazine, and the theme caught my imagination. At that time, I had just finalized a large project, and I decided it was the right moment to establish the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and the National School of Calligraphy. The museum we now have is quite unique. True, there are many museums devoted to calligraphy in the world, but each of them is dedicated to only one kind of calligraphy art. I believe I have managed to achieve a seemingly impossible feat: to create a museum where one can find examples of contemporary calligraphy from every corner of the world.



-----Why are you so interested in calligraphy?


I've come to understand calligraphy as a way of materializing my thoughts through a handwritten text, with its beauty and power. Since I discovered calligraphy, I’ve been writing by hand more, my way of thinking has changed, my literacy has improved and my senses have developed.


In this era of computer technology, the traditions of handwriting are gradually withering. I’m happy about the contribution I’ve made for the preservation of the beauty and richness of writing traditions of various nations for future generations.


-----In the 21st century, how do the business world and art world can live together?


That’s a hard question to answer. I suppose that the integration of art into business might help change the world for the better.


-----From your perspective, what business people can learn from artists, and vice versa?


Interaction with any form of art is bound to bring something new into the life of any person from any background and occupation. Art helps us change our lives for the better.

-----You have achieved lots of things in your life. What would be your ultimate goal in your life?


True, I have achieved a lot, and I don’t intend to stop any time soon. I have many goals, but my ultimate goal is to pass on my life experience to my children and to become a truly patient and understanding father to them.


-----If you could make a call to 20-year-old Alexey Shaburov, what kind of advice you would give to him?


Follow your dreams, keep your hopes up, move ahead and enjoy every moment of your life.


-----If you could leave a message to make the world a better place, what would your message be?


The world is full of wonders. The world’s general purpose is life. Know yourself through the mechanisms of life (positive thinking, inspiration, beauty, desired actions, and such).