A “traditional” subject matter is re-contextualized into a completely new visual language.


MadC: Graffiti/Street Artist

MadC was born in 1980, in Bautzen, GDR as Claudia Walde. She is a citizen of the world, currently based in Germany. MadC holds degrees in Graphic Design from the University of Art and Design, Halle, and Central Saint Martins College, London. She has published 3 books based on her research on street and graffiti art, capturing the transformation of the graffiti movement. 


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Street Fonts: Graffiti Alphabets fro
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ticker City: Paper Graffiti Art
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-----For those who are not familiar with you, let us know more about you. How come did you become an artist?


My artist name is MadC. I started spray painting graffiti 21 years ago but I have been painting and drawing ever since I was able to hold a pen. About 10 years ago I started to participate in gallery shows and today I travel the world to paint murals and show my works in solo and group shows.


-----You have a formal training in art in one of the best art universities in the world. How has that experienced helped you as an artist? (creation wise, career wise, etc)


I have a Masters Degree in Graphic Design and another Degree in Character Animation. I learned a lot of different creative techniques and computer programs as well as drawing fast in life drawing sessions. But my art wasn't influenced that much by my education. I think travelling and graffiti art were my real schools and taught me the most.



-----You have published a couple of books on your research on street art. What did motivate you to investigate street art culture and share it with people?


I have always had a great passion for books. I love reading and always wanted to write my own book one day. In the early 2000 years I realized there were a view topics missing in books when it came to graffiti and street art. So I started my own research, which resulted in 3 books so far. I write those books for equally curious people who like to know more about this part of the art world.

-----What does motivate you to create artworks?


Painting is my passion and I am not happy if I can not paint. I never lack ideas, on the contrary, I have too many ideas for a lifetime and I want to realize as many of those ideas as I can. I am some kind of collector. I collect the things my mind came up with and that turned into reality.



-----When is the most exciting and emotional moment as an artist?


When I come up with an idea for an exciting show or installation. If I like the idea it will keep me awake all night and my heart is racing due to the excitement and continued flow of fine tuning the big idea.



-----When creating an art piece, how does it feel like?


I am at peace with the universe. I am someplace else, just like meditating.



-----How do you approach when there is something that you would like to express but there is a physical limitation?


I think of ways to overcome the limitations. Either it is a tool that I need to invent (for example Brushed on very long handles) or a different tool I need to rent (like a much larger man lift). I also research the web a lot when I have ideas for installations and I also call a lot of people from my network to make my ideas work and come to life.

-----What is art for you?


Art is a part of our soul, something the mind can't always explain and words least so. Art is very emotional.



-----Through art, what would you like to express or what kind of message would you like to deliver to people?


I don't want to force my opinions or view of the world onto anyone. We live in crazy times, people, in general, feel unsafe and don't want to even listen to the News anymore. My paintings should be an escape, not to hide from the world, but to regain energy and power to go out there again and make the world better on any scale. People who are unhappy or scared don't change the world for the better. Therefore I want to touch them on a positive emotional level that leaves a lot of space to ones very own mind. I want people to feel the energy and beauty of graffiti and street art, to trigger their curiosity and positivity. I want to give them the opportunity to project their own thoughts into my work and to find something new every time they look at them.


-----If you can make a call to 20-year-old MadC, what kind of advice you would give to her?


I wouldn't give her any advice. I don't regret anything I did in my life because of every mistake and every right thing I did, made me who I am today.