Geraldine Le Meur: Entrepreneur: LeWeb

It is true that there are still not many female tech entrepreneurs. Over the last 20 years, this woman has launched a number of projects and companies. She is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs.


Geraldine Le Meur: Serial Entrepreneur 

Geraldine Le Meur is a French entrepreneur based in San Francisco. She co-founded LeWeb and several successful tech companies. LeWeb brings together more than 3'000 entrepreneurs, brands, geeks, investors and press from 80 countries in Paris. As an Angel investor, she invested in companies such as LinkedInLendingClub and Evernote. In 2016, she was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in tech in Europe. She is also  board member of the Sigfox Foundation. Geraldine is starting a new company: The Refiners. It is a crossborder accelerator that helps foreign startups thrive in Silicon Valley.

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-----For those who are not familiar with you, tell us more about you. How did you start LeWeb and what do you want to achieve through it?

We started LeWeb in 2004. Being Entrepreneurs in the Internet since 1995, the idea was not at all to start a conference business but to bring Entrepreneurs together 

from Europe and the US, in Paris to help them in developing their ideas, find partners. We wanted to gather them within a platform for success.



-----One of the most interesting aspects of LeWeb is the selection of speakers. What the are top factors to select speakers?

Inspiration I guess. This has been Loic’s garden since the very beginning.



-----When you started LeWeb, how did you attract such great speakers and partners? To get great speakers, you need lots of visitors and sponsors. To get lots of visitors, you need great speakers. How did you leverage the resources you had in the beginning?


Authenticity is the key. Sponsorships have never been linked to speaking opportunities. Loic is in charge of the content. I’ve been leading all the production and partnerships. Actually, I prefer the wording partner rather than sponsor, because this is really what it is about. Companies supporting LeWeb are really part of the event.



-----If you want to organise a conference, what do you have to remember?


Organization & Execution. Also, you have to gather a core Dream Team around you aiming towards the same objective.


-----On the course of expanding the conference, what was the most difficult thing you experienced and how did you overcome it?


We’ve learned step by step, so there was no real “difficult thing”. But you have to keep in mind that every year is almost like starting from scratch.



-----When you hear the word “successful”, who is the first person that comes to midn and why?

I don’t like this word [successful], it does not mean anything for me.



-----What gives you mindfulness in your life?

My 3 boys. They are what’s most important to me in my life.

 -----If you had to start everything from scratch without any of the resources, network, or capital that you have now, but only with your wisdom, what would be the first thing you would work on?


Inspiration and believing in your ideas. Sharing your ideas with as many people as possible to get feedback. At the end of the day, it’s not about the idea, very simple things can be huge successes if well executed.



-----If you could make a call to 20-year-old Geraldine Le Meur, what kind of advice would you give to her?

Do it again but keep your eyes open…



-----If you could leave one message to make the world better, what would be your message?