Manuel Gracia: Overcome Your Fear And Have Passion

Are artists born to be creative and they need to do nothing? It's not just a matter of talent, but your determination that you need to believe in yourself and your talent. You can be creative and start your career as an artist whenever you want but there is no magic. 


Manuel Gracia: Artist

Manuel Gracia is a unique artist who has a successful experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. He founded his own company and run the company 25 years. Then, he went back to school to learn art, took a master degree in Contemporary Art, and started his career as an artist. Only after several years, he has already exhibited in various institutional rooms such as Matadero Madrid (2013, 2016), Conde Duque (2016), Valdepeñas Museum (2015 y 2016), Lugo History Museum (2015) or Antonio López Museum (2015). He has won, among other awards, First Prize 83 Salón de Otoño (2016), First Prize III Salón de Verano Excma. Diputación de Cuenca (2016), First Prize IX Spring Hall Museum of Valdepeñas (2015), Casino Gran Madrid Prize Contemporary Painting (2015) Mention of Honor and Medal X Spring Hall Museum of Valdepeñas (2016).

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------For those who are not familiar with who you are, please share your story with us. You have an experience of running your own business. What did make you decide to change your life drastically and begin your career as an artist?


After 25 years as the head of a successful business that my wife and I founded, which was fulfilling in a number of ways, I felt that I needed a change of pace. To take on a new challenge, explore new ventures. I felt too young to pass up a new professional life.



-----Weren’t you afraid of changing your career?


It made me really happy and I’m very satisfied. I knew that the cost of a radical upheaval would include courage, change of habits, reassessment of goals, financial hit, a lot of sacrifices, and loss of reputation and status.



-----When you first set out on your career as an artist, what type of challenges did you face?


It was about turning something that I had always felt and always carried with me into a profession. I needed a few years of preparation and then there was a moment when I decided that I was ready to embark on a new vocation. The challenge was overcoming my self-critique, what I thought of myself, and what I had to offer.

-----Have you experienced any internal changes since starting your career as an artist?


I think I’ve grown as a person and I know myself better. Taking steps in introspection, swapping obligations for desires, regaining autonomy over yourself and your time is thrilling.



-----What is art to you?

My concept of art is changeable by definition. At this point, I’d usually talk about values such as creation, subjectivity, anticipation, vision, sincerity, rebellion, support.



-----What message would you like to send to the world through your art?


What interests me is the idea of beauty as a perfection of ethics. The world doesn’t just have to improve, it has to be beautiful. Beauty is not something aesthetic, it’s more than that.

I am a creator of its poetic meaning. Destruction makes me ill, that’s why I love the inspirational, that each person can put out into the world.

-----To most people, changing their life or risking their career to do what they really want is very scary. How can you overcome that fear to achieve something you’re passionate about?

Fear is overcome by a deep pain that forces a change. If your passion is strong, sooner or later your courage will become stronger than fear, and the change that it inspires is something natural, an unstoppable movement. It happens to us all on a daily basis, and we have to make a choice.

-----How do you extract the best of yourself?


I am already able to bring out the best of my self. What’s left to see is whether it is interesting enough, and I’m searching every day like a wild animal. That is my challenge.



-----If you could call Manuel Gracia, as a 20-year-old, what advice would you give him?


Don’t be so complacent. Things will change soon even you wouldn’t believe it.



-----If you could leave a message to make the world a better place, what would be your message?

God, if he does exist, doesn’t need followers or religion. A man should be able to get through this phase of creating more hatred than love, more falseness than sincerity, more misunderstandings than knowledge.