Jason Silva: Epiphany Addict. Be in Your Flow State

First and foremost, I would like to give a huge thanks to Jason Silva that he gave me this great opportunity to share his wisdom with people. I clearly remember that I just got immersed into his world when I first saw his creation. After a while, I watched some video on Youtube that he was talking about his philosophy and I simply got amazed at what he was saying.

Have you ever got immersed deep into something? Jason Silva is one of the most progressive futurists in the world who has thrown profound questions about our reality. It is easy to say "He is gifted" and "He is special" but do we truly understand what makes him so unique and outstanding? He shares with us "HOW HE THINKS" that we can learn what structures such a great perspective.

-----For those who are not familiar with you, let us know more about you. You are a media artist/philosopher/futurist. What does drive you and what has contributed to being you?

My background is philosophy and film. I'm passionate about using media technologies and storytelling to invigorate the imagination, to dissolve boundaries of thought and mind. I have an interest in exponentially advancing technologies and their capacity to help us utterly transcend the human condition... But how to make people understand? How to create that cognitive shift in the minds of others? This has been the inspiration behind my Shots of Awe Youtube series. 12 million views later, I can feel a ripple happening. My hope is that people begin to understand that our creativity and innovation is embodied in our technology. Technology is congealed imagination. Technology is a mirror, an extended mind.

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-----You sometimes talk about the Flow State. Please explain a little bit what the Flow State is. What is it and what is your Flow State?

The flow state is a state of mind associated with heightened performance, intense well being, focus and human virtuosity. Musicians, artists and athletes will talk about "getting in the zone", and these moments allow us to pierce through, beyond our limitations. It's wonderful. An organization called The Flow Genome Project is now working to deconstruct the neuron chemistry of flow and help people create more of it in their own lives. It's great. Here is my video on hacking the flow state.

-----When and how did you find your own Flow State? How have you applied it to your own career?

Absolutely!!! My web series Shots of Awe is a collection of recorded flow experiences. Every single episode is an epiphany, an ecstatic flow state captured on camera. Also, my speeches around the world have become an extension of this flow state as well. I've spoken at Google, IBM, Intel and many other companies around the world. I love it. Here is my talk at Google:

-----How people would be able to find their own Flow State do you think?

You need to practice paying attention to when you're at your most inspired. Everyone has an activity that brings us "their best self"- follow that, build on that! If we pay attention to our intuition we can build our lives around these flow states. That's what all the greatest artists and athletes have done. Find your flow and build your life around it.

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-----What kind of things and moments do give you an adrenaline rush that you can feel in the present?

I'm a big fan of cognitive ecstasy. Moments of intellectual revelation. I love learning, discovering something new. Wonderment is my favorite feeling. Cosmic Awe: looking at the big picture. Every Shot of Awe episode idea reflection of that.

-----You are extremely good at thinking profoundly. How people can develop their profound thinking ability?

Interpersonal transformation and deep thinking works only within a state of immersion. You need to be immersed in an experience, or in an idea. Only through the capture and management of attention can transformation occur. We live too many distracted lives. We need to find our focus.

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-----What is the most important thing you have discovered through your life what kind of influence it has on your life?

The realization that we have the capacity to change reality. Reality is coupled to perception. Change perception and you change reality. Many wise men have written this. But it needs to be felt experientially. Go out there, dissolve those boundaries, step beyond the comfort zone. Take a leap of faith.

-----What is the essence of living creatively and connecting dots differently?

We willing to scramble your mental maps, put yourself in situations that radically alter your perspectives. New perspectives turn into new ideas, new patterns, new visions. This is the path to transformation.

-----If you can leave one message to the next generation to make the world better, what would be your message?


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