Reginald Lenney: The Award-Winning-Coach: Keys To Having Your Own Life

First of all, Reginald Lenney, thank you so much for providing me with this amazing opportunity to share your wisdom with the readers in the world. I am fully sure that what you share with people inspires them and encourage them to take a leap of faith toward their goals. Our first meeting was something spontaneous. I happened to find him on the Internet, researched about him, and requested this interview. Within 12 hours, he replied me, and within 24 hours, we actually met. I am based in Madrid, and he came to Madrid for his speaking engagement. What is most impressive is his eyes shinning with full of energy. I have met with thousands of people all over the world, but it is not what everybody has. It is a proof of what he is professionally doing.

Reginald Lenney is the health concierge. He is the Multi-Award-Winning executive coach, consultant, speaker, and author. Reginald Lenney has supported world-class leaders from Royal families to corporate executives and Hollywood celebrities (Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, etc). He helps people maintain and improve their high mental and physical performance.

-----First of all, how did you become the health/holistic coach as you are today?

What was the beginning and how did I start my career as a coach? It was due to the fact that I was raised in a home of illness, I started out wanting to be a medical doctor. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly before I was born. For the first 15 years of my life I witnessed the on­going battle between his mother, who fully believed you only do what the doctors say and nothing more, and my mother, who was very much into alternative care. I wondered why there wasn’t a balance and shared information between the both. After studying medicine for a few years I realized this was not the path for me. Then I went to India where I studied traditional Ayurvedic medicine, followed by touring Eastern Asia taking multiple courses and trainings. I returned to Canada where I continued my training and working with clients from around the world. I quickly became aware of the fact that most people were looking outward for the magic pill, the next fad diet, the newest fitness craze or an escape from their life. I started looking at my clients from a much broader view, interested in their environment and home life, their relationships, the foods they ate, the air and water quality in their homes and offices, how they dealt with stress, the beds they slept on and so much more. I became very interested in seeing how everything was connected. Even the simplest things such as losing weight could be made near impossible, even if they were exercising regularly and eating healthy, just by their environment. It has continually expanded from there…

-----In the beginning, what was the most difficult thing to overcome and how did you persuade people to believe in your method?

It is still ongoing. Big businesses and pharmaceutical companies have trained the general public to believe there are no cures and that you need to buy things and stuff in order to be healthy, happy and successful. My coaching is all about empowering people to get to know their body and to be aware of how lifestyle choices and decisions affect and control the outcome of their life. The wrong relationship can be the difference between being hugely successful or a massive failure. Stress, and more importantly, the way we deal with and use stress can either create a place of passion and excitement or cause ailment and disease. Helping people to understand they are in control and that they don’t need to look outward for someone or something else to fix them is the biggest challenge.

-----What is the greatest or the most memorable experience you have ever had in your career? And how did it happen?

I have had some amazing experiences. I work, travel, live with and support some of the most powerful world leaders. From Royal families to corporate executives and Hollywood’s elite while they prepare for roles in business, movies, TV shows and the boardroom, while also maintaining a balance in their ‘real’ life. I work with some of the world’s most gifted singers to enhance their range and control, while also teaching them the tips and tricks to “living on the road” and being able to manage the “demands of the job”. I have been in the boardroom with a number of industry leaders to ensure they were focused in order to make that billion dollar deal. And I have been on set with some of the biggest names in Hollywood to ensure they did what they needed to do, the way they needed to do it, at the time they needed to do it… BUT when I think of my most memorable times shared with a client, it would have to be Mrs. K.L. When I met her, she had been in a wheelchair for over 11 years, dealing with a terrible debilitating ailment that the doctors told her would keep her a prisoner in her chair for the rest of her life and fully at the mercy of others. I was as determined as she was to prove them wrong. Within a year, we had her out of the chair, walking on her own and fully self-sufficient. Within 18 months, I drove her to the airport where she took her first of many around the world tours, all on her own. That powerful lady will always be in my heart and mind.

-----Many people dream of retiring early in their life. What is the main reason for you to keep doing what you are doing today?

I love it and I cannot imagine not doing it. I AM retired!

-----What are the first things you do after waking up and before going to bed, and what are the reasons for doing them?

When I first wake up I meditate to focus my mind on how my day will turn out. I then do my exercises for 15 minutes, while drinking 2 liters of water with pure lemon. I then walk to my Pilates class where I focus on healing and energizing my body. Then home for breakfast and into my work by 9:30 am.

The last thing I do at night is I slow my brain down at least one hour before sleep (between 10pm and 11pm) by turning off all electricity, lighting candles and sometimes in a bubble bath. I focus only on my breathing for about 10 minutes while going over everything I am grateful for. If anything negative happened during the day, I imagine making different choices so as to have a different outcome and send positive thoughts to anyone who I feel have brought negativity into my mind. I may do a bit of reading or writing, then listen to some very gentle music or natural sound effects as I drift off to repair and recharge my body.

-----What is the most important thing for people who are about to start something new? A business idea, passion, plan, money, etc…

Be YOU! There is only one you, you have gifts that no one else has and no one can or will do things exactly the way you can and will. Look to others for guidance and support. Find power in asking questions and asking for help. Learn all you can from others experiences but make it your own. Trust your intuition and go with your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you don’t wake up in the morning excited, jumping out of bed and ready to do whatever it is you are going to do, then change it. Do what makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I have a favorite saying when making a decision; “it's either a HELL YES! or a HELL NO!”

-----There are lots of coaches, mentors, and trainers. To what do you attribute your success today? Why do you think people choose you?

Passion and never allowing my clients to fail! Money is the last thing on my mind. My 100% focus is ensuring the client gets exactly what they want and a bit more. My coaching is not for everyone and my ways don’t match everyone. The key to THE right coach for you is to find the one who is achieving the goals and success you want. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t ask a chubby trainer or nutritionist to coach you! If you want to be wealthy, don’t find the cheapest coach you can find who is driving a beat up old car. The right coach for you will save you time, money and frustration. They will NOT be cheap and it may hurt a lot to pay them BUT you will very quickly lose that feeling, when you become very successful very quickly. If you try to save money and go cheap, find someone who is new in the business or doesn’t have a lot of glowing testimonials from people they have helped achieve their goals, then it is going to cost you far more money and time in the long run. The right coach will give you the knowledge, tools and strategies to get to where you want to be and fast! The wrong one will just take your money and waste your time. The most successful people in the world ALL use coaches and mentors, and they pay A LOT for them!!

-----For many people, setting proper goals that make them wake up full of energy is extremely difficult. What is your advice to those people?

Similar to question 6, BE TRUE TO YOU! Don’t conform or fit in. Use your natural talents and gifts to create the life you want to live. Eliminate people in your life that hold you back and keep you down. Surround yourself with people who challenge you and expect better from you. If you are in the wrong relationship, wrong business, wrong town, wrong life, CHANGE IT TODAY! Stop settling and stop wasting time. The world is waiting for you. The real you is waiting for you. Start living it.

Remember, words are everything. Words hold the power to your health, happiness and success. When you hear yourself coming up with reasons and excuses as to why you can NOT do something, DON’T LISTEN, that’s fear talking. Find the reasons why you CAN!

Success starts in the mind! If you believe you can, YOU CAN! If you say you can NOT, again you are right! Choose to be successful and you will be.

And most importantly, get very VERY clear on exactly what you want! You will NEVER achieve your goal if you don’t really know what the goal is. For example, “I want to be in a relationship”, well, you could walk out your door and be in a relationship in about 60 seconds… would it be the right one? Most likely NOT! It may serve a purpose but it will not fulfill you or provide you with love, a passionate life, pure happiness, power, and success. You MUST know EXACTLY what you want in that relationship, far beyond looks, money, position, power, stuff and things… what exactly is the person like at the core of who they are? When you have it that clear, you will find the right one. The same goes with everything in your life. Clarity and specific details are everything!

-----If you could make a call to 20-year-old Reginald Lenney, what kind of advice you would give to him?

Stay true to you, go with your intuition, you are on the right path, enjoy the ride… and maybe invest in Google, Yahoo, Apple and Starbucks ASAP! ;)

-----If you can leave a message to encourage people who are around their 20’s to take a leap of faith, what would be your message?

That’s it! Take a leap of faith! Believe in yourself. Remove negative thoughts and people. Learn to love failure, as it is your guide to success. Focus on the positive. Imagine your life like driving a car with a navigational device. If you miss the turn, the device doesn’t say, “THAT’S IT, YOU ARE STUPID!! NOW YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET THERE!!! YOU MAY AS WELL PULL OVER AND STOP NOW!” All it does is it calmly reroutes and says, “Take the next exit.” So keep going and enjoy the ride! It’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey. Take time to see the sights, smell the flowers and enjoy the pleasures.

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